Food Trailers for Rent

Food Trailers Custom Made for Your Business

Hand-Built from the Ground-Up

Here at Bespoke Trailers, we take pride in our craftsmanship. We tackle each food concept with a unique approach, finding inspiration in the idea itself and using it to build the client’s food trailer for a completely custom-tailored final product. Every food trailer is purposefully hand-built and given the highest level of attention to detail possible. So when you finally get yours, you’ll know it’s the only one of its kind in the world.

Built Code-Compliant

Safety and health should always be paramount, especially when it comes to the food industry. That is why our food trailers for rent are always built to spec, according to local and international safety standards. We routinely perform intensive final inspections of the finished product before handing it over to the client, ensuring all the safeguards are in place, from the wiring and the piping to the exhaust and ventilation.

Customizable for Any Type of Cuisine

Bespoke Trailers can customize your food trailer to complement the cuisine you’re offering, whether it’s nachos and tacos, good ol’ American burgers and milkshakes, or organic flavoured yoghurts. We’ll make sure your business connects with your target customers, with striking customized visuals.

Unmatched Value

Built for you and built to last, Bespoke Trailers guarantee a value for money solution that’s sure to last for a long time with our food trailers for rent. Your food trailer will continue chugging on tirelessly as long as you’re up to it!

Industrial-Grade Equipment

Durable, reliable, and world-class cooking equipment and appliances are fitted into your food trailer, so that your business operations continue without a hitch every single day.

Start your food trailer business with Bespoke Trailers today

Realise your unique food concept, with a customized package from Bespoke Trailers! To know more, call +971 56 205 3443 or email us at

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