Do you only build trailers for food proposes?-

Our signature model is our Airtrailer for food and beverage purposes; however, we can customise any trailer to our client’s needs. Some of our clients use our trailers for showcasing products, mobile marketing and sport and leisure such as camping, towing jet skis and dune buggies.

What is the size of the trailer?+
How much space do I need?+
Can we install gas?+
How many A/C units can we have?+
Is kitchen equipment included when buying a trailer?+
How long will it take to deliver my trailer?+
Do you have already built trailers available for sale?+
What is the price range for buying a trailer?+
Do you offer a warranty?+
Do you create the design and wrapping of trucks?+
Who will help me with government paperwork?+
Can we move a trailer around Dubai and park anywhere?+
How much does my trailer weigh and what will I need to pull it?+
What finances do I need to get started?+